Domain Binding Error

Hello, are there any domain restrictions to connect to? I have a problem connecting the .online domain. There are no problems with the domain registrar: whois
While trying to bind a domain, I get an error (screenshot)

I see from WHOIS that your domain is showing Cloudflare name servers. Is everything working now?

Unfortunately not, this is the problem.

Ok, the problem is due to using Cloudflare name servers not yet assigned to your domain. Your WHOIS is supposed to show your current name servers so Cloudflare can look up your DNS. Cloudflare knows your WHOIS is wrong because it hasn’t assigned those name servers to your domain.

Thank you, how to fix it?

Please set the name servers back to the ones your webhost recommends.

Having a working web page for your domain is the easiest way to add a site to Cloudflare.

Ok, thanks, I’ll try it.

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