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We connected a subdomain of our main domain to Clickfunnels but did not uncheck the “redirect” so our whole domain website is being redirected to the subdomain. I removed the CNAME from Cloudflare that Clickfunnels automatically added and removed the domain from Clickfunnels but my domain is still not coming up. It’s redirecting to the subdomain. Clickfunnels says that there may be a forwarding rule that Clickfunnels automatically added as well that I need to remove. Where do I go to see this and remove it?

I see something under “Bulk Redirects” but it doesn’t mention Clickfunnels and it’s enabled. Not sure if it’s related. Please help. Main website is down.

What does the rule listed in Bulk Redirects show?

Thank you for your response. It shows an entry like this “domain_connect_adfasfdasdfadsfasdfasf” except for the letters at the end are different. Didn’t know if I should post them here. They don’t read anything though.

then under it, it says:

Created automatically to support redirection for mydomaindotnet (which is my actual domain)

What is shown in the source and the target of the redirect rule or rules? You can replace your domain name with for privacy reasons if you like. If you need another placeholder domain, you can use or as those are also reserved for use as examples. Just be sure to substitute them consistently if there are multiple domains in your rules.

There is no source and target under “Bulk Redirects”. There is only what I mentioned. The long string is under “Associated List” and the “Created automatically to support redirection for exampledotnet” is listed as the “Rule Name”. Nothing else is there.

You need to Edit the Lists under Configurations at the account level of the dashboard to see the source and target patterns.

ahhh ok…when i went there I do see my main domain as the source and the target url as the subdomain. should i just delete them to stop this?

If you want to take a more cautious approach, you could always disable the rule without deleting it. If that results in your desired outcome, you child then remove it.

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Good idea. I went back to “Bulk Redirects” and toggled it off to disable it. There was no option under Configurations Lists to disable it. Thank you so much for your help. Was that the correct place to disable it?

I’m guessing now I will have to wait some hours for propagation too right?

That is the correct place to disable it. If that does the trick, you will probably want to delete both parts of it. Bulk Redirects are a little different from the old Page Rules redirects, since there are two parts.

You should see effects almost immediately.

Works in Icognito and Private mode so seems to be good to go! Probably just a cache issue otherwise. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate this!

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