Domain being redirect to spam web/malware websites

I need some help. We are facing domain redirect issue. Which is domain being redirect to malware/spam site.

we scanned our website and couldn’t found any malware.

Now i guess the part to look at will be my cloudflare dns already. Anyone can advice? I try to login to see the audit log but didn’t find anything suspicious.

Check your redirects here…

…although any additions should be in the audit log.

You can pause Cloudflare to work out if the redirects are coming from your Cloudflare configuration or your origin.

What the options name? The above link you sent me, it redirect to my login dashboard only. It didnt bring me to any redirection option

The link will take you there but you will need to login if it asks, then select the domain if it asks.

It really didn’t bring me. As i have mutiple websites under my account

Click the website that has the problem. The link will take you to the page.

Otherwise just click “Page rules” and “Redirect rules” in the side bar for that domain.

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