Domain becomes unavailable after updating nameservers to cloudflare's

I am using Sibername, and when I updated their nameservers to that of Cloudflare I got a “parked domain” message to my site instead of the actual site. I asked them and they said to contact Cloudflare. They mentioned something about updating the website records to the zone file in the DNS function.

What do I do? Please help this is urgent

My domain is

(if you see it come back on it means I removed the Cloudflare nameservers so the site could remain functional, but I want the SSL the Cloudflare nameservers offer)

You probably don’t have a TLS certificate on your web server. Try setting your SSL to Flexible in the Crypto page of your Cloudflare Dashboard.

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I went through this 12 hours ago…

Go to
Select your domain > Name Severs > Advanced DNS and remove the two A records pointing back to Sibername.
You may need to flush your DNS cache or temporarily change your computers DNS server to see immediate changes.
**don’t forget to add Cloudflare Name Servers first!

The web hosting company told me it wouldn’t do anything.

To clarify better, the issue was with my A records not pointing to

I have pointed them to the said IP but it still isn’t working. I’ve checked and it turns out when I change the IP it still registers as the old one on all the IP lists

The hosting company noted this too.

How do I get it to work?


Also Cloudflare says everything is online and working.

Your domain does point to Cloudflare at the moment and does load as well

What exactly is the issue you are experiencing?

gerryanalytics, I’ve been using Sibername for about 13 years and registered a hundred or so domains. On Saturday, this exact issues affected me for the first time and while the NS servers are pointed to Cloudflare, before they reach Cloudflare, Sibername is redirect your A records back to their landing page.

Advanced DNS with no A records image

Go to
Select your domain > Name Severs > Advanced DNS and remove the two A records pointing back to Sibername.
You may need to flush your DNS cache or temporarily change your computers DNS server to see immediate changes.

Could you elaborate on this? Assuming the NS servers are set properly and the domain is proxied it should always reach Cloudflare first.

sandro, I’m sure you know Sibername is the Registrar (just letting everyone else know) and while the NS servers are set correctly, they also have an Advanced DNS area for things such as URL Forwarding MX etc.
For some reason, they recently started adding the A records and both IP’s point back to the Sibername welcome page. Remove their A records and all traffic is routed to Cloudflare as expected.

I’d expect their advanced DNS setup to cease working once you switch the nameservers away from them, right? At least thats the case with any other registrar.

Indeed. Like I said, never had an issue before Saturday. I’m going to open a ticket with them to bring this too their attention.

Thats something the OP should definitely clarify. If they did change the nameservers there’d be a chance his Cloudflare zone will be dropped.

gerryanalytics contact Sibername support I just created a ticket to notify them of the issues and you can mention someone with ticket 657449 had the same issue.

Well, for now the nameservers point to Cloudflare. What I earlier meant was whether they would change the nameservers on their own. Not that this should ever happen.

It was a bit of a headache. I purchased the domain, within a minutes added it to Cloudflare, in under 5 minutes received the Cloudflare Status Active email and a dnscheck showed full propagation. But was still stuck on the Sibername landing page for about 30 minutes until i figured out Sibername had their own redirect in the A records.

In that case I’d assume you still used from previously cached DNS entry.

it was new new domain and never seen that landing page before. The strangest part, showed full propagation from 20+ different DNS servers

It is difficult to tell what happened at this point but if the nameservers were properly set to Cloudflare (and the entries were proxied) it couldnt have hit their server first.

Anyhow, as far as the OP’s setup is concerned it seems to work just fine.

Guys, the issue is resolved now, big thanks to sdayman, I thought his solution would not work because it was too simple, I just switched to flexible this morning and everything is working great now.

Thanks to all of you for being so helpful but biggest kudos to sdayman!

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