Domain banned?


I cant add my domain cause it is banned… How can i get it unbanned?


As the message says, you’ll have to contact Support. You can do this if you login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


But i’m also banned to make a ticket…


How are you banned when it comes to sending an email?


That isn’t possible :stuck_out_tongue: but they never reply.


So, not banned :wink:

When did you send the email?


I send more that once over a time but i stopped…


Well, spamming them might be counterproductive :wink:

But the question is, when did you send it?


April 2017


Alright, I didnt expect more than a year ago :astonished:

Maybe try to drop one more, alternatively maybe @cloonan or @cscharff can shed some light.


I send again a email to support, but what do you mean with shed some light with @cloonan or @cscharff?


That these two might be able to give you some more insight into what the issue is.


Alright, i hope so…
Are they gonna respond to this post or…?


Hi @gfx, I don’t see any ban whatsoever.

Suggest you login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. I did a quick scan and can see that you have Cloudflare 3 non-Cloudflare nameservers and 2 Cloudflare nameservers. You need to have the 3 non-Cloudflare removed.


@cloonan On the moment i click on support i need to re-login, after login it will redirect me to, where it will repeat this process, for the rest the ban is about adding (, not the domain existing!


login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support, please tell them the error you’re seeing when trying to add the additional domain and make them aware that your are seeing an issue trying to login.


@cloonan I already did this over 100 times, in the last 16 months


What’s the domain you’re trying to add?


Though I can understand a certain frustration if the OP contacted Cloudflare several times*) over the period over more than a year and never got a response. @gfx, just to be sure, you did direct your email to support, right?

*) Alright, more than a hundred times might be a bit excessive :astonished:


Hello @sandro,

Yes, all emails where send to support and of course it where no 100, but enough to recognize (you should think?)…