Domain banned, unable to ask for support help

We have several websites that are routed for cloudflare with no issues. There are some that it will not let us add and are coming up as “banned”. All of the tips say to contact Cloudflare Support through the “Get More Help” link located on the dashboard. When you bring up this page it only allows you to select domains that have been already added to Cloudflare. How can I get support on a domain that I can’t add?

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Drop them an email at their [email protected] address.

Which is what? support at


So this is a guess then?

Which other domain could it be? :wink:

I specifically omitted the full address for spam reasons, but that idea is out the window now :wink:

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Fixed, no worries. And understood. Maybe they’ll get to it sometime this year.


You should get a ticket number and check that it is not automatically closed. If it is, simply reply to re-open.

Much appreciated info. Thanks again.

As @sandro mentioned, can you reply to the auto reply and let them know you’re still unable to add the zone @leewells2000. I see your ticket and am able to replicate the issue. I’ll keep an eye out on progress. Sorry for the troubles.

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