Domain, bad configured

Hi there!
Please help me!
I created an account 2 days ago for the domain ( ). I configured this domain and was worked well. Yesterday I figure out that I didn’t save the credential, even email was badly typed when the account was creted…So now I did’n know nothing about this cloudflare account. I cannot login, I cannot reset password because I don’t know the email.
Yesterday I created another account with same domain, I configured the account DNS, and changed nameservers to domain registrar. The problem is, that after doing this, when access the domain via browser the page returned blank.
My question is…How to delete the old account that points to this domain
I have REGISTRAR credentials and I have the new CLOUDFLARE account credentials, I want to delete the old ACCOUNT. Please help me.

You cannot delete the old account if you cannot access it. But if you moved the domain to the new nameservers, the old account shouldnt control it any longer anyhow.

Which nameservers were assigned to your domain on the new account?

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