Domain automatically removed from account?!

A site of mine ( recently reported being down, to my absolute shock and horror I found the domain had completely disappeared from my Cloudflare account!!

Fortunately it didn’t have many DNS records so I’ve been able to re-instate it easily. I have a screenshot to prove the nameservers never changed but I’ve looked in the Audit Log which shows a ‘Purge’ action by

How is this even possible? Why did it happen? I’m now terrified this could happen to my other domains, some of which have tons of DNS records and would be an absolute nightmare to fix :grimacing:

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It was likely removed because the name servers weren’t pointed to Cloudflare. You can check your email, there should have been a notice sent to that effect.

Hi @cscharff, thanks for your response.

The site had been live with the nameservers correctly pointed since 11/11 and I received no email that it was going to be deleted. As you can see it’s up right now but on the Cloudflare overview page I see:

Remove these nameservers:

Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

So it seems Cloudflare isn’t correctly detecting that they’re set, maybe this was the case previously but completely deleting the site from my dashboard without warning, especially when it’s all set up correctly, seems ludicrous.

Well you spelled Cloudflare incorrectly 4 times in your reply post and on one of your two name servers as well. You’ll want to recheck your email because there was an alert set you needed to configure your name servers correctly at some point after the zone was added. When you correct the entry for guy, the zone will activate.


It’s a common problem… copy/paste is your friend when it comes to this… I even did a episode on the topic. :slight_smile:

Once you fix that you should be sorted.

OMG @cscharff this is so funny! The typo you’ve spotted is there because I did copy/paste (always do) from my Cloudflare account but just the first entry which I duplicated, carrying the error over! So the issue is the client didn’t copy/paste and we’ve ended up with this typo. I only had a cursory look as the site was live so I assumed they must be right and didn’t spot this missing ‘f’ (I’ve updated that post with the correct info from my account).

A quick check shows the ‘f’ isn’t missing so either Cloudflare or the registrar must be doing something clever to keep things working, which actually hasn’t been very helpful in this case :sweat_smile: Have you seen this before?

I’ll ask the client to confirm and amend ASAP.

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