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I have the following instructions given to me by Autotask for setting up domain authentication. I attempted to enter these records, but the instructions are not clear for Cloudflare users. Here is a screenshot of what they have requested:

What DNS entries exactly do I make in Cloudflare for this? For example, Cloudflare does not allow for blank entries - I am at a loss on this. Thanks.

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Autotask appear to be RFC ignorant. Empty TXT records are expressly prohibited by RFC 1035 section 3.3.14.

One or more <character-string>s.

Not zero, but very clearly one or more.

Perhaps they are poorly communicating that the record should contain only a space. I have never attempted to create such a record. Despite often being used as a delimiter between strings, a space could constitute a string.

If no one here has created such a record for an Autotask implementation, you may need to ask Kaseya support to provide clarification.

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Ahh, but you haven’t finished reading there.

Section 3.3 has the following to say on that matter:

The length octet could very well give a length of zero from my understanding (and that of many others).

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Fair enough. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Cloudflare dashboard has run afoul of RFCs. They typically occur in more ambiguous areas that can be explained by compensating controls like CNAME flattening.

Is there a way to fix this in plain English?
I also agree this seems at least short sighted on AT’s part.
Thanks I am sure others will be looking.

They are asking you to create an empty TXT record because the content doesn’t really matter, the name of the record is used to validate your domain.

I would try to create a non-empty record and hope that they do not validate the content.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to create the record using the API. The API sometimes allows stuff that isn’t allowed in the dashboard.

Other than that, you’re out of luck. The AT support might have a solution, as you’re probably not the first person with this problem.

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