Domain Authentication for Give Panel

Hi, We’re a small charity with no IT department, Give panel asked us to change some cnames which I’ve managed to do but now they are asking for domain authentication and I have no idea how to do this I assume it has something to do with SPF, DMARC or DKIM but have no idea how what information to input or where to get it from, some pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Hi @yorkshirecatrescue,

Your email provider should be able to provide a list of email authentication records needed. They will need to give you the values for them.

If they give you the list then we can certainly help you get them added here, although most should be simply following the guide for Adding DNS Records.


Thank you, I’ve added them as Cnames on the DNS record but now they are asking for domain authentication and I don’t know what that means?



That’s very vague, can you ask them to clarify what they want here? Is it email auth or something else?

This is what they emailed to us;

Theres two parts to this process, one has been completed successfully and your details have been submitted to SendGrid.

The next part through Domain Authentication is what is missing, this is used by SendGrid to confirm any emails that are sent out are verified to do so through the domain, so stop mail providers from flagging these emails as potential spam or junk. These would be changed within your DNS provider, Cloudflare.

Ah I see, so yes it will most likely be SPF/DKIM that they want, Sendgrid will need to provide the details of this to you I’m afraid.


I’ve tried this, hopefully it’s what they want. Thank you for all your help :smiley_cat:.



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