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Hey guys, Have a site that is getting 404 error after I removed it from cloudflare and it shows up when I pull up my account, but doesn’t show up in my domains. Any idea how I can get this deleted fully from cloudflare? The 404 error is behind the dropdown in the picture. If you look it has the domain name at the top, but its not listed in domains on my cloudflare account.

Hi @kfreeman04208,

When did you remove the domain, and have you logged out and in to your account and it still shows? It’s odd that it shows on your account home, but not in the dropdown.

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I see that the domain at the top of your page is not using Cloudflare name servers. As that domain is not using Cloudflare, the 404 error is coming right from your server. I’m a little surprised you even get that far, as that domain does not resolve, nor does its ‘www’ subdomain.

I removed the site months ago. My cousin, who owns the site, just reached out to me telling me he was still having issues with it. When I logged into cloudflare I saw that it was still somehow connected, but I can’t do anything with it.

How does it appear in the account home page? Does it show as active, moved or something else?

I would recommend you contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help. Please share the ticket number you receive here and follow up if you can with what the issue was, to help others who may find this topic.

The domain is supposed to be using an ssl and nameservers from godaddy.The owner has been having issues since migrating from cloudflare and I thought I deleted it. I don’t understand why it is still showing on my account at all.

This is the only place it appears. As soon as I login this pops up. I cant access it otherwise.

Oh, so it doesn’t appear anywhere in your dashboard once you leave the page?

It sounds as though you just have a dashboard link bookmarked/saved in your browser that takes you to that page, which doesn’t exist, which doesn’t exist, since the domain was deleted. It may still show the domain, since it is in the URL, but it doesn’t seem to be connected to Cloudflare at all now.


You are correct. It was the URL I was using…

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