Domain at namecheap, hosting at do I configure?

Not seeing how to set the domain to CF, then pass through to server at Bluehost. Thanks in advance!

Take a look at this:

You will need to point the DNS records in Cloudflare to Bluehost and change the nameservers to Cloudflare in Namecheap.

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Just do the regular setup. Add site here, Cloudflare scans the records, then set the name servers at Namecheap. You won’t need to change anything at Bluehost.


Cloudflare is still showing a host error, because there is no hosting at namecheap - per this instruction. It make sense to tell Cloudflare where to find the hosting…?

You do this with the DNS records, you change them to point to your host. Check what the DNS records should be in your Bluehost control panel.

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Ok, thank you. I thought your answer made more sense. I’ll try this out.

Ya, this isn’t working. I’ll try sdayman’s recommendation. I changed the namecheap dns to bluehost, so if anything, I guess I wont be able to use Cloudflare. I tried to put the Bluehost A record in and it rejected it(didn’t recognize it). Thanks anyway. I think many people would liket o set up a domain in one place and then hosting in another then route it though Cloudflare…but seems difficult unless sdayman’s instruction works. But it seemed too simple…hope it does though!

PS - found no real tutorial on finding DNS records in the 123.43.34 …etc, format and placing them into Cloudflare.

Thank you, I’m going to try this. The other didn’t work very well. Best Regards!

Here are Bluehost’s DNS instructions. Does their DNS Zone Editor show you IP addresses for your site?

Hi @eschultzmt, sorry I’m late to this conversation, but am trying to catch up. You host with Bluehost and your domain is with Namecheap. Even though the partner bluehost hosts your site, you are signed up directly through Cloudflare. If all of that information is accurate, you should (and @sdayman & @domjh, pls keep me accurate):

  • Sign up site through Cloudflare done
  • Change name servers with Namecheap to the two given to you by Cloudflare
    (they are pointing to bluehost currently)
  • Edit your DNS A record to point to the IP of the server at Bluehost (may already be, did not check)
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