domain associated ip

I am using Cloudflare’s free cdn service. The port 53 of the IP associated with my domain name is blocked. Now I want to change the IP associated with the domain name. What should I do? Also, if I change the domain name, Will the IP address associated with my new domain name change? and will it be the same as the IP resolved from the old domain name? What is Cloudflare based on to assign IP addresses for domain name resolution?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Records that are :orange: use the Cloudflare proxy which only listens for HTTP & HTTPS traffic on specific ports.

As you can see in the following #tutorial, editing DNS records is very simple in Cloudflare.

I don’t understand the rest of the questions you are asking. Perhaps you can rephrase them more clearly after you have looked over the resources I shared.

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