Domain apparently linked to another account?



I’ve got about 15 domains using cloudflare, and am just trying to add one of my clients websites.

I built the website, and there is no cloudflare activated.

I’ve also tried the forgot password option for every email ive ever used, as well as the clients emails. It appears there has been some backend error? How can I track down and get this domain removed from some other cloudflare account, so that I can activate it on my account?



Try contacting support, they should be able to help you in this case.


Thanks, I didn’t know you could with a free account.

duh. haha


Unfortunately, if you can’t identify the account email associated with it, there aren’t really an options to recover that account. However, you should be able to just add the zone to your newer account anyway. Nothing will happen until you also update the nameservers to match the new ones provided in your current account.


can’t you log into each of your known email address accounts and search for cloudflare keyword to see if it was that email address ?