Domain apparently doesn't exist

Hi, I just registered a fresh domain that I’d like to add to my account. The process of registering this domain has been extremely turbulent. I’ve never encountered anything like it before. I guess that’s what you get with certain registries.

So, now that I’ve finally gotten my domain registered, I’d like to add it to my Cloudflare account for DNS and proxy service, but the dashboard claims that the domain is not registered when I type it into the Add Site page. Initially I suspected the problem was that the registry hadn’t updated the NS records. When I checked with my registrar about this they implied that the registry could have been checking the nameserver for a valid zone before the NS record was added to the authoritative zone. I switched the nameservers from my Cloudflare account’s nameservers to my registrar and the domain is now resolving. When I tried again to add it to Cloudflare now that it resolves properly, it still says the domain isn’t registered.

The top level domain in question is .es, I’d rather not reveal the front part of my domain for now because it’s going to be used for an upcoming project that’s currently a secret. Does Cloudflare use whois to find out if a domain exists? If so this can’t work with .es because they don’t offer a whois server, only a web-based lookup.

To verify whether a domain exists, Cloudflare checks for nameserver records, and if there are no nameservers then Cloudflare won’t let you add the domain. This can run into an issue with registries that check for a nameserver’s willingness to answer queries before they will add the nameserver records.

This leaves you in a bit of an awkward position as both parties are waiting for the other. Only a few registries enforce this, and Cloudflare’s design assumed domains would already exist with another provider and be transferred over.

If your actual host offers nameservers, you could set it up there temporarily.

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Yes, as stated in my OP, I have tried doing that but it still isn’t working. Perhaps there was a stuck cache or something? I’ll try again now that it’s been over a day.

Yeah, that worked, thanks.

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