Domain and subdomain setup

I have a domain amoresveganos .com that its DNS (NS) is poiting to Dreamhost as it is a WordPress website.

I want to have a subdomain as pointing to Cloudflare as I have a worker that will help me add the content I need, but I have an error it seems.

I have set up this subdomain DNS (NS) pointing to Cloudflare but seems it is not taking it. It is throwing error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when trying to access the website. I have also checked here and the NS changes are not yet propagated it seems even when I did them like 5 days ago.

Any ideas how to make a domain stay where it is a have a subdomain only in Cloudflare? I have tried to read other posts but couldn’t find a solution so far for what I need.

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

You’d need a Business or Enterprise plan to do something like that. By default, Cloudflare will ignore any domain that’s not using Cloudflare name servers.

Why not use Cloudflare DNS for that Dreamhost site? That’s what I did when I first set up Cloudflare for my domains.

Oh, right. Thanks.

Regarding your suggestion, I would like to have the root domain ( to show my WordPress site hosted on Dreamhost, and the subdomain to be handled by Cloudflare as a worker I have here already working. Before I had the whole domain and using the worker, but now I need to use Dreamhost with WordPress and what I had on the root domain before to be used on the subdomain.

How can I then achieve if the DNS for my domain in on Cloudflare that the worker is done on subdomains only and the domain points to my WordPress in Dreamhost? :thinking:

That can still work. It sounds like you already have your domain added to Cloudflare, but not currently using Cloudflare DNS.

Update your Cloudflare DNS to reflect the DNS entries at DreamHost. And then add another DNS “A” record for the Workers subdomain and set it to :orange:. IP address can be since it’s a Worker and doesn’t need a real IP address.

Add a Workers Route (*) to match that subdomain and assign your Worker script to that route. The script will only run on the subdomain because you set it as the route.

Once you switch your name servers to Cloudflare, the WordPress site and subdomain Worker should work.

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Thanks a lot for your help! That solved the problem :grinning:

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