Domain and subdomain are still allowed after added to block policy

According to the docs *.\ should work for host, but it doesn’t appear to. For the specific rule you’re trying to create you can just block the domain and that will block both the root and matching hosts.

Issue remains unsolved. New policy created at 10:51am.

That isn’t the same policy… you have an AND condition so without knowing what that is, all I can suggest is that you’ve built a rule which isn’t doing what you think it does or another rule is applying. The details of the logs will show you if it matches the rule (or any rule).

By creating a separate policy (earlier I added it to an existing policy as an and condition) issue is solved. This was very helpful! Thank you!

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If the original policy was blocking another domain you don’t want people to visit you can use the in operator and provide multiple domains to block. I’d recommend using a descriptive name when you group them in this manner so it’s easier for you to locate a specific domain in the future (e.g. I have a Block rule for time suck websites and it makes it easy for me to find when I want to remove it… or add it again lol)


Thank you for the additional info!

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