Domain and mail forwarding vs. SSL certificate

Two monts ago I ordered a domain on via OVH service.

OVH allow their customer to redirect [email protected] (for example) to [email protected] (for example) - without having an paid e-mail service.

It has been worked perfectly until I changed DNS.

I changed DNS servers, because I would to use a free SSL support via Cloudflare (Original OVH’s DNS for domain was changed to Cloudflare DNS servers).

Now, mails sent to alias returns a delivery-fail (which is normal). So my question is: there is chance to make this work (both: e-mail redirection and SSL support from Cloudflare)?

If you dont have a certificate on your server (which is what I understand from this comment) your site is still not secure. You need to configure a certificate on your server and switch Cloudflare’s SSL mode to “Full strict”.

You probably did not migrate your MX records when you set up Cloudflare. Verify that your Cloudflare DNS settings contain the same MX records as your previous DNS server.

This is a little bit complicated - im on shared VPS, but SSL works like a charm.

MX is the same on both services.
But I think, that the problem is with TXT record, which can’t be set exactly the same on Cloudflare as on OVH:

What do you think?

Your site wont be secure as long as your SSL mode is not one of the Fulls.

What is your domain?

[Deleted link]

Your MX records appears to be right, assuming it should point to So emails should arrive at OVH. The question is, how do you configure the redirect. Is this done via the TXT records? If so, how?

Probably yes, via TXT record. As you can see, in Cloudflare I am unable to set exactly the same record due to limited ‘name’ field (if I try to set name as ‘’ Cloudflare system cuts te name to ‘’. Does exist some trick to make ‘name’ as required? See photo from my second post.

No offence, but “probably” is not the best choice in this context ;). You need to know what to configure.

But assuming it is a TXT record, then you could simply double the domain name at the end and Cloudflare should store it with the right name

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‘Probably’, because OVH support is very poor. If from admin panel (OVH) I add the e-mail redirection, only TXT record is created, so I am assuming, that this record is responsible for frowarding e-mails.

Thank you for suggestion, but any combination: with one domain and with double domain in ‘name’ field not work (still: ‘error 500 Domain not in OVH system’ as delivery failure).

I think that this is strongly connected with OVH’s DNS servers. It seems, that without they, e-mail redirection will not work longer.

The first step should be to find out what you need to configure for the forward to work. Can you post a screenshot of the OVH admin panel and of the TXT record it creates?

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