Domain and Hosting provider is different

Hi all, I need your help about a subject. If Domain is from company A and Hosting is from company B, can I still use Cloudflare DNS? Because I will use the DNS of company A to add this domain to the hosting. Additionally, can I use Cloudflare DNS for SSL?

Yes, get yourself a Cloudflare account and “add a site”.

You will then need to change the nameservers at company A to the 2 nameservers given to you by Cloudlfare when you add the site.

Set the DNS at Cloudflare to point at company B’s hosting.

Cloudflare supports SSL, but using SSL on Cloudflare to point at a site that doesn’t use it at the origin can be a risk to your visitors. They will see a secure site as they connect to Cloudflare, but between Cloudflare your site it will be unencrypted so exposing them to risk.

Don’t use this…

…use this instead…

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