Domain and host not connecting

Recently I change my host server, and I install my new host IP on DNS records. I ask for help on my host server and they said that I have to wait for the DNS propagation, so the propagation its complete 30 hours ago, and my host still not recognizing the domain for added.

My domain is:
by now the URL its showing the error: Not Found

I have to do something else on CloudFlare for my host recognize the domain?

I see it redirects to HTTPS. Is your site set up for SSL/HTTPS at your host?

Im not able to add this domain to host yet.
My host need to verify my ownership for the domain, and thats why I put my host IP address on DNS records.

What are they expecting to see before they activate your site? You may have to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page (lower right corner) for them to verify your ownership.


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