Domain and everything disappeared, cannot contact CloudFlare

I received an e-mail this morning from CloudFlare indicating that my domain, was deleted from their zone. I did not do such a thing and replied to that effect. I got an automated reply that there is a long wait. However, my domain registration is with CloudFlare and I cannot even see the DNS records and have no way to contact the support. When I log in to my account, I see two other sites but not nor can I see it on the domain registration page.

I would like to be able to contact CF support about restoring my domain registration and all the previous content to resolve a series of related matters. How can I do that?

Thank you,

Cemal Ekin

Kindly, may I ask if you have tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue?

I am afraid you mean you have transfered or tried to transfer your domain to Cloudflare Registar?

  • as currently domain registration is not yet possible via Cloudflare, rathermore it is possible to transfer a domain to Cloudflare Registar …

I have checked and see that domain is successfully added to your Cloudflare account, moreover, it is pointing to a Cloudflare nameservers, and the registry information is Cloudflare - meaning the transfer of the domain to Cloudflare Registar is, or should be successfull?

Nevertheless, from the DNS records, I see it resolves to an a2hosting IP address.

May I ask if you see your domain at Cloudflare account or not? Because, to make sure Cloudflare works for your domain, the DNS records (CNAME and/or A www) should be :orange: cloud (proxied via Cloudflare).

Maybe, if using a2hosting provider, you are having an issue because a2hosting could be (if not already) a Cloudfalre Hosting/Integrated Partner, so any changes you want to make you would have to do it through their interface rather than doing them at your Cloudflare account dashboard? (which is better due to more control for your domain DNS and other options)

Thank you for your detailed answer. I have a “ticket” but cannot add anything to it. And, no, I cannot see my account when I log in. I can see two other domains and can see their DNS records, etc. However, there is nothing I can see about

The message I received earlier today is below and it says I deleted my account. I did no such thing, I assure you.

============ Message from CloudFlare ===========
Hi, The zone: “” in account: [email protected] was deleted by Cemal Ekin on 2021-03-26T04:26:03.140920Z. If the zone was deleted in error, then it can be re-added to reinstate existing configuration of the zone. If you believe this was due to an unauthorized action, please contact [email protected]. Thanks, The Cloudflare team

As instructed, I sent a message to [email protected] and received two automated replies. The long one indicated the delays in responding to free account requests and pointed to some links for information. However, without having access to my account, none of them means anything as I cannot change any part of it. I have no idea how that account was deleted from the zone as I did not take any such action.

Furthermore, I cannot even access my account under the registrar portion. Yes, I transferred the domain name from another registrar. Now, it is in never never land and I have no way of accessing it.

I wish I could write this ticket on CloudFlare support, but I cannot reply to the “ticket” and cannot find a way to start a new one.

Cemal Ekin

When I visit the contact CF page, it asks me to choose a domain but is not there to pick and I cannot move to the second step, see image of a screen capture below. I am also not receiving updates of your replies.

I deleted the image. After I was able to add the domain and see it in the registrar page, I immediately moved it to another registrar and changed the DNS. This much direct tie with the registrar and proxy service to the point of not being able to seek help about one without the other was too uncomfortable for me.

Today is monday starting, maybe trying today or waiting for an reply? (work times of a support team over weekend …). I am sorry to hear that but I really am not a Cloudflare employee (yet).

I would assume, the transfer of a domain to Cloudflare Registar rather than the domain registration process itself? (not yet available at Cloudflare)

May I tag Sir @cloonan if he can check yours tickets and what happend in between the registar for your domain.

Or, due to your domain being .com TLD, it could also indicate you should look at ICANN support too and not at your domain registar and Cloudfare Registar only?

ICANN sets the rules your domain registrar has to follow. If your registrar disables your domain, the requests will never get to Cloudflare.
I think you need to contact your domain registrar to have the holds removed to allow you to make changes to the domain.

May I ask if you have checked this article too?:

No need to bother anymore, I have transferred my domain to another registrar. Hiding a paid service behind the free one creates a huge obstacle for the user/subscriber. My point of NOT being able to contact the registrar, CloudFlare, was a major part of the problem. That may deserve some attention.

I am off of CloudFlare services. One day, when things settle and my blood pressure back to normal, I may put the site behind CloudFlare but NEVER my domain registration. I have one more domain here, once it comes close to expiration, that too will be transferred out. I made the mistake of not trying to contact the “registrar” CF before moving two domain registrations because it provided a free service to me and many others. A mistake.

Thank you for trying to help,

Cemal Ekin

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