Domain and DNS have been removed

My domain has been removed (probably the date of the plan expired). How can I know if it’s still available, or get it back?

What is the domain? If you didn’t set the proper nameservers Cloudflare will have removed it because of that. You can readd it but need to set the nameservers at your registrar.

It’s been active for a year.

Domain is active all right →

It does show a 404 however, but that’s something to clarify with your host.

One thing I noticed, it had rene and millie as nameservers since last year, but those were changed to ben and zoe two weeks ago. If you added the domain to another Cloudflare account and changed nameservers, it certainly won’t be active on the previous one any more.

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Thank you for the information.
I haven’t changed the nameservers. However, if they are different now and my account appears empty, would I need another domain? Or is it possible to restore the old one?

You don’t need another domain, you just need to figure out which account the domain is on now.

Or, re-add that domain to your account, then go to your domain registrar and re-set the name servers to point to your current account after you +Add Site to it.

Your domain is still there, you just need to configure it for the right account.

What nameservers were you assigned. Check the other account as well.

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I’ve talked with GoDaddy and they told me that the domain is pointing in another address and has to point to this IP: (A type)

I can’t change the data because when entering my account, it appears in blank, without products. Could Cloudflare fix it, please?

I am afraid that IP address is not properly configured for your site. There’s for example the SSL configuration missing.

At this point you best set your host’s nameservers for your domain, then contact your host to get the site fixed. And only once it all loads fine on HTTPS, then you can add the site to Cloudflare.

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