Domain and API setup using cloudflare

Hello guys,

I am working on an e-commerce platform. My application is done by Laravel and has a separate backend API too. And connects with many 3rd party applications and services.

At the moment, we have Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed.

Since I’m new to Cloudflare CDN, I tried this on my personal blog and I can see when I use CDN, it changes my SSL certificate automatically too. I have following questions.

  1. Can I use the CDN only without changing the SSL certificate?
  2. If I cannot use CDN without changing SSL certificate automatically, can it be an issue to my existing application? I mean for the connection between API and front end? And also all other payment services like PayPal and SEPA ?
  3. This is a live application and has many users. So is it ok to change name servers like this? Can we expect any downtime?

Thank you in advance.

Appreciate your assistance.

No. You’ll always need and have your own certificate but in addition also the proxy certificate. has the details here.

Unless you are doing some certificate pinning you won’t have any issue with the certificate itself.

Not the certificate but the proxies themselves could be potentially an issue here as they might block certain requests which you want to go through. You should make sure you are whitelisting all required addresses.

Should be fine, in particular if you make sure the DNS records are not proxied at the beginning (:grey:). Once DNS propagation has completed you could start proxying them (:orange:) and check if anything breaks.

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@sandro Thank you so much. So I think I need to do some more R&D on this. Starting now :grinning:

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