Domain already regsitered with Cloudflare?

is there a chance to find out if a domain is already regsitered at Cloudflare?
We had big issues with our former internet agencey (reseller) and are trying to get access to our domain/hosting,…due to 100% missing credentials.
We still have a Cloudflare error 522 (since minimum weeks) but are waiting to find out where our hosting is exactly (most probably Google), hopefully getting access in the next days.
Thanks in advance! should give you an indication of where that domain is registered.

Or, unless you really mean if it’s using Cloudflare, that WHOIS should also give you a clue based on which name servers it’s using.

Keep in mind that Cloudflare isn’t a website host, and without access to the Cloudflare account that domain is added to, you won’t be able to track back where it’s hosted.

Unfortunately all private at Google.
But if I get a Cloudflare Error 522 when I want to reach the website menas for me Cloudflare is in between.
Just not shure if the domain is still registered with Cloudflare or it is only the Cloudflare nameserver in the domains DNS setting.

If you’re getting a Cloudflare 522, then it means that domain is in some Cloudflare account. But it sounds like the domain itself is registered at Google.

Yes, thank you. But would this error 522 also occur if the DNS settings have the Cloudflare nameservers but the domain is no more registered with cloudflare, so the pointing back to the Google hosting is missing?
Can I try to register the domain in my own Cloudflare account and if it is “occupied” by another account I will get a message?

When you say “register”, you probably just mean “add” or “activate”, as domain registration is the actual filing for ownership of the domain.

522? Possibly. If DNS is pointing to the wrong place, it may time out with a 522, but more often it will fail instantly with a different error. It’s like knocking at the wrong door and someone immediately tells you you’re at the wrong house.

You can add the domain in your own Cloudflare account. Back to the Registration part: your domain is registered, possibly at Google, by your description. This would be your ownership record, and that includes which name servers you want the world to use to find out where your site is. You’ll need to update that once you add your site to Cloudflare.

It’s possible that Cloudflare will say that domain is already active in another account. If that happens, let us know.

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