Domain added to account but can't find it

I’m helping the owners add a TXT record to This domain is registered by 123 Reg (who have stopped providing a useful service, but take too long to transfer for us to go to a decent registrar), but they have set the nameservers to Cloudflare’s.
The name resolves using Cloudflare’s nameservers so I assume that means they have also added the domain to their account.
BUT I can’t find the domain in the Cloudflare dashboard under Manage Domains
So my questions are
is the domain added to the account?
would the domain resolve via CF’s NSs if it wasn’t?
and if it is, how do we get to see and manage the domain?

Many thanks in advance

The domain appears to resolve in all Cloudflare nameservers, so it is added to only one, seemingly active account.

This test would report (if the option is selected) if there were different pairs of Cloudflare nameservers resolving for the domain, and it isn’t…

If you log out of the account you are in, then go to the dashboard and select “Forgot your email?” which will email the account holder for the domain. Hopefully someone you are in contact with will receive the email and identify the account holding the domain.

If not, then you can try to add the domain to the account you have. If there’s no error, then the domain is in a different account. You can take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at 123-reg to those that Cloudflare gives you when you add the domain. You’ll need to set up the DNS records (and any other Cloudflare settings) afresh in this account.

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Thanks @sjr will try later

Well your link proves that Cloudflare is handling But the domain seems NOT to belong to their user.
Is there any way I can find out the Cloudflare user that has this domain? It must be one that they set up.

Only by using the method I outlined, which is given here…

According to, the domain was added to Cloudflare on 2022-12-16. Maybe that will remind them who did it.

If you can’t do it that way, you’ll have to use the Cloudflare account you have, or a new one, and add the domain to that.


Thanks @sjr. I wonder if this is the account of the server they use who added it to Cloudflare. I can check that and will report back.

That’s not where you would find it. It would appear under “websites”.


Doh, note to self - always read properly and never assume!

Thanks @Laudian, but it’s not there either.
But I’ve realised with @sjr 's help that the Cloudflare nameserver setup was done earlier by someone else. That explains it fully.

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