DoH Not working on iOS/iPadOS/MacOS w/mobileconfig files

Hi all,

recently found out (2 years late though) that iOS 15 allows for EDNS out of the box with mobileconfig files, so i adapted this template: github/paulmillr/encrypted-dns/blob/master/profiles/Cloudflare-https.mobileconfig (i cant include links in my posts yet)

I changed the default ip addresses to the ip addresses as shown on as well as the serverurl from “” to my corresponding “https://*”

However after doing so i found out that it did not work. Interestingly, using the default “” url with the ip addresses in gateway did not work either, and the default ip addresses did not work with my gateway dns query address. Initially thinking it was because i could not modify the file i took the template and removed and the default ipv6 address but it still worked fine.

Searching online i did not find any previous help topics on the forum or by Cloudflare themselves.
While i understand that Cloudflare ONLY condones the app for ios and ipados, i would still like to have this as an option as warp or other vpns are banned on some of the wifi networks i frequent.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!

Try to use your command prompt to ping the value of your corresponding “*” that is the truth of the ip address in stead of the dash-team control panel displayed

ping -4 *
ping -6 *