DOH error for

When I entered the domain in 2 browsers using DOH for some reason I was redirected to
This is done from the same workstation from network
|AS Number|13335|
|Cloudflare Data Center YYZ
Can anyone tell me why? I tried it from another network and I got to directed to{“id_token”%3A{“xms_cc”%3A{“values”%3A[“CP1”]}}}&nonce=637462555155572408.39e55961-310d-4ff4-98fb-991ac9dc4567&state=Dcs7FoAgDADBoM_jRIjkQ46DIK2l1zfFbLcJAPawhVQiYFqN9RIRCnZxaWf1R8SVsFKZyGsxels3ulMfPgeLWor3yO_X8w8

That appears to be a university’s login page. Perhaps they have a captive portal on needs to access / agree to terms before use. You may want to contact their support desk to check.

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