DoH docs: possible missing configuration steps



If one follows the steps for setting up DNS over HTTPS with the cloudflared daemon:

INFO[0000] Failed to copy user configuration. Before running the service, ensure that /etc/cloudflared contains two files, cert.pem and config.yml  error="open /usr/local/etc/cloudflared/cert.pem: no such file or directory"

Then it will error out on missing cert.pem. The page says nothing about needing to obtain an Argo tunnel certificate, or how to login and do so (only the config.yml)… Well, is that required? You should probably add a note.

This same issue was also noted in Example YAML for cloudflared service?



Also the config reference should be updated with --proxy-dns and --proxy-dns-upstream options:


Noticed there’s a newer version available (INFO[0014] Updated to version 2018.4.6) than the .deb on the website via ‘cloudflared update’, I think this solves the original missing cert issue.

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