Does Wrangler 3 support ARM32?

On an issue that asked about wrangler support for ARM64, a dev wrote in March 2022,

We have much wider platform support with wrangler v2…

I installed wrangler 3 and received this error after trying to run it:

Unsupported platform: linux arm LE

It’s possible I messed up the install. It was taking a long time and I lost internet while the install was still running. I’m not sure if that kills the install process or not. I used the command npm install -g wrangler on a Raspberry Pi (armv7l which is 32 bit).

Next I installed via cargo, and that version (1.21.0) works for my purposes, logging. It also gives me a big warning,

:no_entry: DEPRECATED :no_entry:
The version of Wrangler you are using is now deprecated…

That leads me to ask, should I be able to use wrangler 3 on an old Pi?

Wrangler 2 did add support for so many more OS versions given how it was just Node.js and could run essentially anywhere.

Wrangler 3, released recently, kinda broke that with wrangler dev specifically only supporting macOS13, Windows, and Debian 12-based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 22 via workerd.

Wrangler 1 doesn’t support half the ecosystem so I would not recommend using it.

I would recommend sticking with wrangler 2 right now via npm install wrangler@2 and filing an issue on GitHub - cloudflare/workers-sdk: ⛅️ Home to Wrangler, the CLI for Cloudflare Workers® for support for your OS.

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Thank you! Wrangler 2 installed with ease, and I opened an issue here. The title incorrectly requests support for the ARM chipset rather than the OS as you stated. I corrected myself in the comment.

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