Does Warp hide my IP from my ISP?

I’m quite confused by what with Warp (/Warp+) is doing with regards to my IP and if my ISP in the UK can see the sites I visit or searches I make?

The first blog post suggested it would hide my identity when browsing the web, the second suggests it might (?) but just not allow me to spoof being in a different country to get around geo-blocks (like accessing Spanish Netflix in the UK). I sent a message in the app, asking specifically if Warp would hide my IP from my ISP - and they responded it would.

However, if I search DuckDuckGo for ‘what is my ip address’ their DuckDuckGo response says its in California with Cloudflare as my ISP, but the top result (whatismyip) shows a different IP, with a UK location and the correct ISP!

Can someone just give me some definitive advice on what Warp does, is my browsing private? Or is it just ‘faster’ DNS resolution?

I noticed the same. That counts for many ‘whats my ip’ Services, but in fact your IP isn’t hidden

Cloudflare has been quite vague on that.

Can you access via the VPN and post a screenshot of it?

The VPN encrypts all traffic and sends it to CF before it is sent to the intended website instead of sending it directly to the intended website.

The only difference compared to other VPNs (other than using a newer and faster protocol) is that it will show your real IP address to any website currently using Cloudflare’s main services.

It is still a VPN that will make sure your ISP can only see that you are, indeed, using a VPN, But they won’t be able to see the websites you visit.

To add, The ISP themselves are the ones that “own” your IP address and are the ones that assigned your router to use that IP for internet communication.

Apparenty, they still provide a way to detect the real ip. While and show Cloudflare’s IP (starting with 8.8.15… in my case), and give back my ISP’s IP address, so I guess, there’s some way Cloudflare is passing along the real IP address.

Also, Netflix works without issue with WARP enabled - usually, they will detect VPNs trying to conceal the user’s location, and block streaming.

Are you saying proxied sites wont receive the address of Cloudflare’s gateway in CF-Connecting-IP but the actual client’s address, other sites however will only receive Cloudflare’s gateway?

So basically, it is a classic VPN, however Cloudflare sites will still receive the actual address via the standard Cloudflare method.

That would explain a lot :smile:

Yep, exactly.

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We haven’t figured out how to expose them yet for sites not using Cloudflare. (. . . . .) The most important thing to us is users don’t expect us to keep their IP private, as that is not the intent of WARP.

So they eventually want to always forward the actual address.