Does WARP drop fragmented packets?

Does WARP drop fragmented packets?

More specifically I am referring to the “Online ICMP blackhole checker” in this blog post:

When WARP is disabled, both IPv4 checks pass/green, however, after enabling WARP the second IPv4 check fails/red.

I would like to know, is dropping fragmented IPv4 packets expected behaviour within WARP?
Potentially, is it just an implementation issue with the check itself: Does the check result match reality?

Also, am I correct in assuming that blocking fragmented IPv4 packets at the router is potentially detrimental to the WARP connection (and similar UDP protocols) passing through it in some cases, or should it have no impact?

(I have been having some minor connection issues when using WARP, mostly on android but rarely on windows, and I figured my router being configured to block fragmented IP packets might be the cause, hence I discovered this.)

Thank you very much for your time!

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