Does using Cloudflare CDN's ensure a Vercel hosted website accessible in China?

We are using Vercel for hosting our website. But, Vercel is blocked in China. I need guidance that if we use Cloudflare for our website, then would we able to deliver our website for Chinese traffic seamlessly?

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When Cloudflare is enabled on your site and DNS records are orange clouded, Cloudflare IPs are returned in DNS queries for your domain. Placing your domain behind Cloudflare IPs is how Cloudflare protects your site from attackers. Which means, your infrastructure IPs won’t be exposed/presented (masking Vercel).

That being said, currently domains can work in China, however they can also be blocked at anytime. To enable full access within China and minimise the blockage, you may wish to look into enabling Cloudflare China Network for your domain. More on this product can be found here: Overview · Cloudflare China Network docs

Please Note: Access the the China network is currently an Enterprise plan only feature.

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