Does usage of Cloudflare impact the cookie and privacy policy?


Sorry if my question sounds similar to what is already asked but I could not find my answers in previous questions.

In my web application I don’t set any cookie or collect any personal information. My website’s cookie policy and privacy policy is very simple. As as I result I even don’t show any cookie banner.

I would like to understand if my cookie and private policy will need an update if I use Cloudflare for my website? Will usage of Cloudflare necessitate the cookie banner? I’ll be using professional plan, if that matter.

I understand I’ll be responsible for cookie and private policy for my website but I would like to understand if usage of Cloudflare will force me change the policies?


This sounds more like a legal question. We can only point you to Cloudflare’s cookie policy. It’s not completely up to date, as the _cfduid cookie doesn’t exist any more.

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Cloudflare does not set a cookie anymore (Deprecating the __cfduid cookie). You didn’t really need a cookie banner before either though as it’s an essential cookie for security but regardless, no cookies means no cookie banner.

As for the privacy policy, Clouflare does aggregate data for their dashboard stats, performance metrics and so on. You should state that you do use Cloudflare and link to Cloudflare’s privacy policy.

Disclaimer: Not a lawyer, they can give you the most correct information.

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Thanks Walshy. Make sense.

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