Does upgrading my hosting help to reduce 'processing time'?

Does upgrading my hosting account’s CPU help to reduce ‘processing time’?

Check image >>>

My webpages are fully cached by Cloudflare Edge. So the CPU of my hosting matters?

My hosting provider gives me - 40% of one CPU core, 2 GB of RAM.

Processing ( domComplete - domLoading ) - Measures how long it took to render the page. This includes loading any resources that block page rendering, such as images, scripts, and style sheets. If this number is big, you can optimize your document architecture, resource size, or configure settings in the Cloudflare Speed app, such as Auto Minify the source code. This document process can be drilled down more with domInteractive , domContentLoadedEventStart , domContentLoadedEventEnd , and domComplete .

so how your page is made up and how it renders matters i.e. loading heaps of heavy javascript which block page render = bad

Google PageSpeed Insights and are tools to test and help you optimise your site for such. For WPT, I wrote a guide for my users which maybe useful to you as well

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I have done all those optimizations (and I like to reduce the time further). But what I wanted to know is does upgrading the hosting help to reduce ‘processing time’? when the webpages are fully cached by Cloudflare Edge.

Depends on where your bottlenecks are and if they’re cpu intensive. But render time isn’t just server side factors. End user/visitor factors into this too i.e. if they have slow mobile phone device with old cpu that can take longer to render and parse your javascript too.

Use Google Analytics to break down your visitor stats by browser, geographic region and whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop device or even down to mobile device to get a good profile of your visitors.

Then use CF Browser Insights to break down country and page url and try to match it to filtered Google Analytics breakdown to see where you weak/slow pain points are. i.e. if you have Indian user on slow 2G mobile connection on a 5yr old low end mobile device, they aren’t going to be rendering or parsing your javascript as fast as a visitor on latest flagship mobile device with powerful cpu and fast 4G/5G mobile connection.

Does the above (check image) performance bad, normal or good?

Hard to say depends on make up of your visitors’ profiles i.e. if you had 99% mobile users from India on 3G 1.6Mbps connection using low end mobile device and visiting your server hosted in USA, then those browser insight stats would be considered fast. But if you had 99% desktop visitors on 100Mbps cable/fibre connection from USA visiting your site hosted in USA, then those results would be considered slow.

Hope you get what I mean, it’s all relative :slight_smile:

Example for trying to match Cloudflare Browser Insights period of September 21-27, 2019 to my Google Analytics for though my GA is AEST timezone and CF is USA timezone I believe so not the same. I filtered both CF Browser Insights and GA for just my site’s index page

How do you have very small DNS and TCP time?

its depends on your visitors location

If you’re caching HTML, then the answer is “not too much”. It will matter for filling the caches the first time. Keep in mind Cloudflare does not cache HTML pages by default.

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yeah geographically depend based on where your visitors are and where you origin server is

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