Does transferring from Porkbun to Cloudflare solves the problem?

Good day dear experts.

I have several domains registered at Porkbun. In the past, i tried to integrate my domain with Cloudflare for speed and security concerns but they always failed in the following a few days and website became unaccessable.

Yesterday i tried again. NS change didnt work at all, Cloudflare couldnt resolve, those A, AA, AAA, CNAME things.

I tried DNSSEC and the site was gone for an entire day.

My question is, if this mismatch is happening very common, does transferring my domain from Porkbun to Cloudflare solves this issue and


Without more details on the specific issues you were having it isn’t possible to provide an exact cause, but your registrar is extremely unlikely to make any difference.

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Thank you for the response. As it was the first post here, my account was on hold. I was impatient, waiting for an answer, and had already transferred my domain here.

The result is as you said. There is no difference between transferring here or keeping it somewhere else.

Besides, I had an issue that I didn't have there.

Google cant crawl my site after I start using Cloudflare.

Here are the steps I tried and failed with my wordpress site:

1) I added the domain to Cloudflare, but Cf couldn't resolve my A, AA, or CNAME.

2) I Googled some and learned to get those IPs from hosting (Cpanel) and adding the A and CNAME to Cloudflare. It seemed to work fine in the beginning.

3) Google couldn't crawl it.

4) I played with the cache settings, then disabled it entirely, but failed.

5) I played with WPCerber and Wordfence settings and then disabled them entirely, but it failed.

6) I enabled and disabled the Cloudflare bot detection setting, but it failed.

7) I paused Cloudflare; it failed,

8) I set CF to developer mode, but it failed.

9) I removed the domain from Cloudflare, and it worked. Google started crawling again.

The worst part after this experience is that now I have to wait for 60 days before I transfer it back.

Because I need to use a CDN, but CF doesn't let me change the NSs, which is a considerable drawback of this registrar; I didn't know it.

I would greatly appreciate any help to solve this crawl issue while my domain is still here.

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