Does the subdirectory is served on Cloudlflare as much the main domain

My main domain ( ) is very light and small for CEO and Blogs only which is very light content.
all the heavy-lifting contents are on the subdomains one is
THE E-commerce and the courses, which are very heavy content.
now the question is:
does the Contents on the main domain is being served fast enough on the cloudlfare CDN as good as the content on the Subdomina

should I bring the courses which is very heavy content back to the main domain?
does the speed of the images and content served on the main domain any different than the subdomain?
I am sorry if my first post wasn’t not clear, I was extremely tired when I wrote the first one.

These are subdomains not subdirectories.

As for the rest, I’m a little confused.


I edited the post sorry, I was extremely tired

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