Does the 1200-calls-per-5 minute ratelimit apply to the purge_cache API?

Hi there!

The docs on API ratelimits say the following:

The global rate limit for our API is 1200 requests per 5 minutes. If you exceed this, all API calls for the next 5 minutes will be blocked, receiving a HTTP 429 response.

However, I was able to make about 400,000 purge requests through the API over the course of about an hour, which is about 30 times more than the supposed ratelimit. Every single call succeeded, so I’m wondering if maybe this ratelimit doesn’t apply to that particular API.

Is this behavior I can rely on? It would be very nice for our use case if the purge_cache API could handle more than 1200 requests at once, but I can’t tell whether this is a feature or a bug.

I wouldn’t rely on any behavior that is not documented.

The documentation at is fairly ambiguous about whether the 1200 limit applies to this particular API. It would be cool to hear from someone who is familiar with the relevant ratelimits.

Good point. Docs say 1200 is global, but with two exceptions: Single-File, an Enterprise custom purge.

Single-file purge says Free Plans are capped at 1000 per minute, and ENT custom purge is 30,000 per 24 hours. Single-file for paid plans wasn’t specified, which is curious.

Which purge are you doing?

We are doing purge-by-URL, and we’re on a paid plan.

I think the big question is whether the “1200/5m” limit applies to everything, and the purge ratelimits you listed are in addition to that…or if the purge limits are in place instead of the 1200/5m. I can read it both ways, so not sure which is correct.