Does the 100 Mb limit apllies to all users on my website?

Or does it apply only to me?

For example, a user from another country registers on my website and decides to upload a 250 Mb video. Will he be able to do it with my proxy enabled?

It has nothing to do with users or countries, but you generally have an upload limit of 100 megabytes. That is only higher on paid plans. What’s often done here is using chunked uploading, which allows you to upload more data in several steps. The search here, as well as on your favourite search engine, will have more details on that.

Okay, so anybody else can upload as much as they want.
Thank you for your reply.

I don’t know what you mean by that but that is a Cloudflare limitation and on a site which is not on Cloudflare anybody can most definitely upload as much as they want and the service permits.

I mean I can’t upload more than 100 Mb per request because I have Cloudflare’s name servers and have proxy enabled.

So I was afraid that anybody who uploads to my site will have to stick to 100 Mb minimum because my site use a Cloudflare DNS.

As I said

If your site is on Cloudflare and has a 100 megabyte limit, it simply has that limit and you will need to implement mentioned workarounds or you used an unproxied hostname.

The upload limit mentioned in your control panel applies to your site, that’s it.

Just to be clear:

Each user can only upload files with maximum size of 100MB at a time if your website is proxied by Cloudflare. If you do require your users to upload a file that is more than 100MB, unproxy the DNS record.

I was afraid to hear that.

What does it exactly mean for my website if I disable the proxy? Will the site be slower? Or more vulnerable?

If you disable the proxy you’ll connect directly to your server again and won’t be using Cloudflare. It won’t be necessarily slower, you’ll simply not be using Cloudflare.

But again you can used chunked uploading or an unproxied host just for uploading.

Sounds good. How do I do that?

You simply switch the DNS record in question to :grey:. I’d really suggest to use the search as these things have all been discussed already.

Okay. Thank you very much!

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