Does SSL from origin server loads when I set a bypass for specific URI pattern?


I’ve read some topics on Cloudflare’s Cache and the Page rules along with bypass option and I need to make sure.

I have this scenario:

  • A records in DNS tab are proxied and have the orange cloud ON.
  • currently “Cache everything” is ON too.
  • origin server has dedicated SSL installed

If I would set a bypass for specific URI does that mean a request goes straight to my origin server and use origins server’s settings along with origin server’s SSL certificate?

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Hi @dom.krulak,

Cache Level just sets how the cache behaves. Setting it to Bypass just means that none of whatever the page rule matches woll be cached, it will still be proxied through Cloudflare and show Cloudflare’s SSL Certificate if it is :orange:.

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Thanks @domjh.

I think I understand.
So all Cloudflare’s settings are effected, Cloudflare just don’t cache bypassed URL.

Good to know :slight_smile:

No problem, the other settings are not affected, it just doesn’t cache the URL pattern you specified in the Cache level > Bypass page rule.

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