Does SSL for a subdomain require a paid plan?

Summary: I have a free Cloudflare account and am trying to set it up with and I installed the Cloudflare origin certificate on the origin server. What I find is that this works for the root domain. However, when I navigate to the subdomain, I get “Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate.” Is this because a paid account is required for the subdomain?

NOTE: Due to Cloudflare stating that “new members cannot post more than 2 links” (which I was not doing - please fix this), I use the term “domain” to refer to the root domain. And I use the word “store” to refer to the subdomain.

More details: I added the A records for both domain and store in the DNS area of Cloudflare. I then created an origin SSL certificate and installed it on the origin server. Initially, I created one that only included *.domain and domain. (In my thinking, *.domain should cover store.) However, since I got the invalid SSL error, I revoked that and created a new certificate that includes *.domain, domain, and store. I then installed this on the origin server. I still get the same result.

Now I did all of this probably within the span of 30 minutes. Is there perhaps a wait time?

No, you wouldn’t need to pay anything to get this to work.

The wildcard cert would have been enough. But ‘store’ also works, though not as good an option as ‘*’.

As for the 526 error, it could be that the origin isn’t yet properly configured, or need the server process to be restarted/reloaded to pick up the new cert.

Hmm, thank you. It looks like there might be a problem because we’re using a custom domain name with Storenvy (basically a marketplace to sell things like Etsy). This is implemented by having the A record for store go to Storenvy’s IP address.

Just to test this out, I created a new subdomain, “test”, and added it to the Cloudflare DNS records. This works correctly, so it must have something to do with using Storenvy. Thanks for your help; I did not think to try this out until I read your reply.

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