Does srcset affect Image Resizing quota?

We’ve been running Image Resizing with webp/avif conversion on our site for about a month and watched the converted image quota skyrocket in our stats area.

We’d like to start using the srcset feature for Image Resizing, using the recommended examples from the Documents page which runs about 5 different image sizes (360px up to 2560px).

Our question is will this affect or compound our image quota for each rendered size? As that skyrocket the budget. Or does it still count as one image processed from the source image?

Thank you

I sure hope someone might have some guidance on this point,

It’s still priced by request. The example you listed shows five IMG URLs. So now you may have a page with fifty image URLs. You’re not going to be charged for all fifty URLs on that page. Just the ones that the browser actually requests. In other words, if the browser loads the image file, that adds to the count. If you’re not sure if the browser requests the image, then open Dev Tools and look at the Network tab.

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