Does spectrum actually do anything for minecraft? Doubts are real

I’m hosting minecraft server on dedicated PC in my home. And lately I’ve been under bot/DDoS attack.

Classic ping flood, bots trying to connect, GET requests for web resources, etc.

So I’ve decided to enable Spectrum with Pro plan for server.
Moved all server related web applications under cloudflare proxy.

Couple types of attack on dynmap were mitigated by firewall, but nothing else is really changed.
Bundgeecord is still flooded with pings and bots. But now they just arrive from cloudflare subnets:


This is just ridiculous. This product is marketed as dedicated for minecraft. It is endorsed by such loud name as Hypixel. And where is the result?
For now my mikrotik is doing all the job of somewhat mitigating the attack.

Does anyone here have actual experience of Spectrum mitigating direct attacks on minecraft server?


Hi there,

Our DDoS protection usually kicks in when you are experiencing huge spikes of malicious traffic that take down your site / origin server, because otherwise, good traffic might be blocked if you gain popularity / hype. Depending on the type of attacks, you can use Rate Limiting, I Am Under Attack Mode or Firewall rules to further protect your servers.

Also, make sure to lock down your server to our IP addresses.

Hope this helps.


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