Does removing a site from Cloudflare take immediate effect?

I am having issue with Wordpress/Elementor that I’m sure are being caused by Cloudflare. based on everything I’ve read. Site is a duplicate of another one of my sites that is not using Cloudflare and the non-Cloudflare site has no issues. I removed my site that is having issues from Cloudflare but the issue still exists.

How long after remove a site from Cloudflare does it actually get removed/deleted?

It depends on how it’s removed. If you delete its DNS entries, the effect will be immediate. If you change name servers, it can take up to 24 hours.

All I did was logged into Cloudflare account, clicked into my active site on the Cloudlfare home page, then clicked “Remove Site from Cloudflare”. Not sure what that does.

Your site will be no longer active on Cloudflare, Cloudflare nameservers might not able to continue serve DNS queries to your visitors.

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That’s effectively removing your DNS records which should take 5 minutes to take effect. And as @erictung pointed out, the domain will no longer resolve, and won’t be reachable.

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