Does railgun support scale horizontally?

in all articles about railgun (include this) I can not find anything about how to do a horizontal scale.

I worry about those 2 points:

  1. what happens if the railgun machine goes down. Will all the users get a 5xx errors?

  2. how many QPS can one railgun node hold, I know it depends on the machine’s hardware and the content of the response, but I want to know if the user requests count raise up suddenly, will railgun slow down the request in turn?

I deploy two railgun nodes on two different machines using the same Railgun activation code. Request works goods.

However, when I block one node’s wan port, the request seems no longer to thought the Railgun, Header ‘CF-Railgun’ return with direct(waiting for pending WAN connection) or direct (starting new WAN connection).

So if my guess is corrected, railgun does not support horizontal scaling yet?

any ideas?

Is there anybody can provide me with some bits of help?

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