Does R2 support checksum when uploading (doesn't seem so)

I’m using AWS S3 SDK .Net and using TransferUtility instead of PutObject. Seems to be the new way of uploading.

Can only get it working if I set DisablePayloadSigning = true and DisableMD5Stream = true which I assume disable checksum-calculation of the data to be uploaded?

Also tried to set ChecksumAlgorithm = ChecksumAlgorithm.CRC32 | SHA256 | CRC32C | SHA1 but that doesn’t work.

var fileTransferUtility = new TransferUtility(s3Client);
var uploadRequest = new TransferUtilityUploadRequest { 
   BucketName = Config.bucketName, 
   FilePath = filePath, 
   Key = objectKey,
   DisablePayloadSigning = true


Expected hash not equal to calculated hash

Work fine using Backblaze B2

and so do Wasabi

I’m facing the same issue, but not with all files, appears to be always with the same one that has around 100MB (libcef.dll).