Does PRO plan have faster CDN for file download (JPG,MP3,APK)?

I switched my DNS from direct Digital Ocean to Cloudflare to have performance improvement because of CF CDN, but there is no much performance and in some cases it’s slower.
Shall I upgrade to Pro plan to have better download performance? I mainly have MP3, JPG and APK files on my server.


No, Pro plan doesn’t get you faster performance…except in locations with expensive bandwidth. Those visitors will be routed through a more distant data center. Pro plan’s visitors get routed to all nearest data centers. Performance will improve as more of your files are stored in Cloudflare cache.

Most of my visitors are in middle east, so pro plan doesn’t improve performance at all, right?

Even the Free plan should help your Middle East visitors. According to the chart, Middle East has the lowest bandwidth cost.

Where is your server? Initially, Cloudflare does have to get files from your server before delivering it to your visitor. As files are cached, the performance will improve. Non-cached files still have to be gotten from your server. Every time!

Server is in London, on DigitalOcean.
Can I use Page Rules to cache files like .APK or .EPUB or other custom file types?

The MidEast to London connection might be a little slow. If you’re willing to spend a bit of extra money, Argo will speed up the connection. I believe it’s $5/month plus some bandwidth costs. You can try it, and if it’s not helping much, turn it back off.

Page Rules can cache the other extensions, but the free plan only gives you three rules. You’d have to Match:*.apk and set Cache to Cache Everything and then Edge Cache to a month.

It might be possible to manually set cache headers on your site for APK and EPUB, but I don’t know if this will override Cloudflare’s default cached files setting.

Thank you sir, your comments helped me.

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