Does Polish strip all Meta? (SEO)

I’ve not used Polish. However I’ve read that it strips all META data from images. Does this include any title text or description of the image that’s embedded into it?

Google used meta like this to index images so at least 2-3 bits of META are very valuable. Other data like camera setting, geo tags etc not so (at least on average).

I adore the idea of speeding up images online such as Polish. However if it strips vital info used in search then it’s automatically of little use.

Does anyone have some feedback or can someone post a link to a page with photographs that currently uses Polish?

There are mixed opinions on how much metadata plays into SEO or how that is offset by speed gains. That being said, we definitely welcome anyone who can share their own experiences.

We also recommend that people make sure that WebP is enabled within the Polish controls in your dashboard. It’s the compression tech that Google developed. You can read more about this option here:


In experiments I’ve made over the past 10 years with photography you certainly have a point about google not prioritizing image meta.

I have always found ALT and TITLE text on an image within a page to be the main influencing factors. More so even than the image url which many people tout.

There has always been talk of Google looking at image meta in the future though. However, it’s never come to fruition. Perhaps there’s too much CPU needed to process this data on an image?

It is something to keep in mind though. Perhaps WepP negates all :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure how the backend of Polish worked and whether there was an option to leave some meta in or not or how feasible that would be. Perhaps there’s simply no call for it.

Anyway, it will be interesting to hear other views on this!

At the moment we don’t have any options in terms of flags or other settings in terms of data to strip. Some Cloudflare tools are hammers when customers might be looking for scalpels. In some instances it makes sense for customers to fine tune and manage their own image sizes, metadata and other image aspects. In those cases Polish might not be an appropriate option as they have better/ different tools and needs. But i think for the 98% use case it does the job.

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Well said. Each operator can have very different/unique needs based on their site/content. But generally speaking we feel like this is a solution that works for the overwhelming majority of use cases.