Does Polish feature support WebP images from origin?

If I have lossless WebP images (100% quality) in origin and page rule in Cloudflare with Polish Lossy, will Cloudflare optimize the high quality WebP images coming from origin or is the Polish feature only for PNG and JPG files?


You should not serve WebP images at the origin, because once Cloudflare caches an image as WebP, any subsequent visitors will get that WebP image regardless of whether or not their browser is capable of handling it.

Though it is a good idea to optimize your images at the origin, and let Cloudflare do the “last mile”, you should serve images at your origin in their original (JPG, PNG) formats and let Cloudflare apply Polish as needed. When Polish is on, it only serves WebP for browsers that can handle it.

Looks like WebP files won’t get compressed which are coming from origin when I tested.

Yes I know. Currently Safari and IE does not support it.

As well as all iOS browsers.

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