Does Pages development via Direct Uploads count towards the monthly build quota?

Currently Pages has a concurrent build limit and a monthly build quota:

  • 1 build at a time and 500 builds per month for Free plan
  • 5 concurrent builds and 5,000 builds per month for Pro plan
  • 20 concurrent builds and 20,000 builds per month for Business plan

These are actually pretty generous quotas. But still, as a developer, I’m still curious if publishing a site via Direct Uploads will count towards these quotas.

p.s. I opened this thread because of @KianNH 's reply in the [Bug] Direct Uploads failed to parse _redirects and _headers files - #4 by KianNH made me think that maybe publishing a site via Direct Uploads won’t actually go into the build environment.

It doesn’t.

In the future, there will likely be a separate ‘deployments’ quota but currently they don’t count towards any quota, including the ‘monthly builds’ quota.


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