Does Page Rule works if Nameserver is not hosted by Cloudflare

Hi guys,

I use CNAME set up to let my domain be protected by Cloudflare instead of moving whole dns into Cloudflare.

just wondering if I configure some page rules on subdomain that is protected by Cloudflare, would it work?


If requests go successfully through Cloudflare’s proxies page rules configured for that domain will also execute. Post the CNAME here.

Hi Sandro,

I just made a test and it worked! thanks . but I still have issues while setting page rules.

I configured a page rule saying if URL matchs:

then 301 forward to

but after applied this rule, I enter:
nothing happen but a error message : 400 Bad Request - Cloudflare

do you know why? is that possible that related to “%” symbol in the URL?


Possibly. % is the encoding marker for unsafe ASCII characters in a URL. In this case you should call the URL with the percentage sign encoded, as well as adjust the page rule to the encoded form.


Hi Sandro,

thanks for that. but for some reasons, we have sent this link to our client via email. (without 25 in the URL)


so client will encouter 403 each time when open their email’s hyperlink, is that possible to redirect the URL to other URL?


Different browsers might handle it differently, but generally speaking that is an invalid URL. I’d resend the URL.

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